Acorn War XXIX Events


Marshal in Charge: Fergus the REd

Once again the invaders have been spotted and are coming after our fair shire’s Acorns.  Muster your forces and join us as we show them the error of their ways and teach them that it is nuts to attack us.  The victories and losses will determine the order of events, but everyone will have FUN!

Heavy Armor Inspection:  10 AM
War: 11 AM 

Rapier Armor Inspection: 10 AM
Rapier Melee:  12 PM  (after tournament)


Rapier Prize Tournament 
Saturday, 11 AM

Archery Defender Tournament
Saturday, 11:30 AM

Thrown Weapons Tournament
Saturday, 2:00 PM

Youth Defender Tournament
Saturday, 3 PM

Heavy Prize Tournament
Sunday, 11 AM


Soup Kitchen: 6:30 on Friday
Tired of setting up camp and don’t have time to cook. Join House Blackhart at the Abbey! (The amphitheater on site)
There is ample seating, lighting, and electrical outlets for crockpots.

Want to contribute? Contact Layla at

Brewing Competition: 6:30 on Friday at the amphitheater.
Sponsored by: House Blackhart
Brewers, come share your craft! Prove that your tasty fermented creations are the best in the land.
All fermented entries are welcome: mead, beer, cordials, wine, pickles, cheeses, etc.

Judging will be done by populace vote.

If you’re interested in competing, please contact Layla at