Acorn War XXVII Events


Marshal in Charge: Fergus the REd
Scenarios:  Duke Amalric Blackhart

Once again the invaders have been spotted and are coming after our fair shire’s Acorns.  Muster your forces and join us as we show them the error of their ways and teach them that it is nuts to attack us.  There will be open field battles, bridge battles, castle battles, ravine battles, maybe more field battles. The victories and losses will determine the order of events, but everyone will have FUN!
     Field Battles:  11 AM
     Ravine Battles: 2 PM


Rapier Tournament 
Saturday, 10 AM

Equestrian Defender Tournament
Saturday, 11 AM

Archery Defender Tournament
Saturday, 11 AM

Youth Defender Tournament
Saturday, 3 PM


Class 1:  Intro to Ground Crew
10-11 AM - Caitriona
 Learn how to be support ground crew for equestrian activities. Class attendees will have hands on training for the Defender tourney immediately following the class. (Minors need their parental unit with them)

Class 2:  Period Sewing Tools and Kits Through the Ages
10 -11:30 AM - Aveline de Ceresbroch
"What would your persona have used to sew?"  Get an overview of the development of sewing tools AND learn how you can make or where to buy reenactment supplies to build your very own period-specific sewing kit! Lots of implements to inspect and some supplies will even be for sale.
"The art and technology of sewing has developed well past the days of sewing with sticks and small bird bones, but how did it develop and when did neat inventions like scissors, thimbles, thread winders, and needle books splash onto the scene? See lots of pictures of extant finds of sewing implements and get detailed information about when we think they were first used en masse. Learn what your persona would probably have owned and used, based on both the time period, as well as your location. Materials reviewed will cover all of Europe, Russia, and portions of the Middle East and Asia from antiquity through the 16th Century.

Class 3:  Introduction to Pewter Casting:
11 AM - 12 PM - Sir Alail Horsefriend
Students will learn the basic techniques of pewter casting using cuttlefish bone molds, and discuss soapstone mold making. Student s will make their own simple casting during the class. Participants should bring a pair of gloves and safety glasses, some will be available for loan.  Class will be taking place on the gravel near the shop due to fire hazard.
Materials fee:  $3
Class limit: 12

Class 4: Beginning Bayeux Tapestry Stitch
1 - 2 PM - Maestro Eduardo Maria Lucrezia, OL OP
Learn the beautiful Bayeux Tapestry stitch - it is very easy to do, and a great way to decorate your garb and accessories! All materials provided. 
Class limit: 10

Class 5: Fabric Block Printing
2 - 4 PM - Her Ladyship Marya Kargashina
This class will cover the history of printed fabrics in period, then jump into using a practical adaptation of medieval fabric printing techniques using modern materials. Tools, blocks, and inks provided, bring your own fabric (at least1/2 yard of smooth linen, silk, wool, or cotton) for printing. Light colored fabric is preferred.

Class 6:  Period Sauces & What To Do With Them
4 -5 PM - Berengaria de Monfort of Carcassonne
This class will include a brief lecture & mostly demo of some period sauces from different sources, and some ideas of what to do with them once you've made them.  Class limit 6.  $2 class fee to cover some basic ingredients; participants will take home samples to perhaps use with their dinner in the evening.  If you have a mortar & pestle, please bring it.  If you'd rather take home your sauce sample in a period container than a Ziploc, please bring that with you as well.