Site Rules & Amenities

Water: Available onsite 

Garbage: Waste will be handled differently this year. There will be four stations through out the site. These stations will be emptied on a regular basis to a sorted sled near the front gate.
Waste will be sorted into four categories

  • Garbage - This is ordinary garbage

  • Recycling - Hard plastic and paper.

  • Food Waste - All food items, including meat. No liquids.

  • Glass Recycling - Bottles and glass jars.

  • Grey water - Dump stations set up near the bins.

Fire Safety:  Fire pits must be 18" above the ground.  Have fire extinguisher or bucket near your fire. Unattended fires will be doused. 

Pets: Must be on a leash or contained at all times. Please pick up after your pets. 

Water Hazards: There is a river on site, children should be watched at all times.

Smoking: Smoking is allowed in your private camp. Smoking/consumption of illegal substances, even those recently legalized by state law, are not allowed on site. 

In regards to Cannabis laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal. Cannabis is still illegal under Federal law, and is prohibited at all SCA functions.