Archery in Mountain Edge is a family-friendly activity and very welcoming to newcomers. At our practices we have loaner archery gear for children and adults to help you get started. Children can participate so long as their parent or guardian is present and supervising (per SCA policy). Check our practice notice for the next scheduled practice. Come and find out how much fun archery can be!

Our Kingdom has rules for archery that are documented in the AnTir Book of Target. Archery Marshals (safety officers) supervise archery activities at events and official practices. Please don't feel you need to memorize this book before coming to a practice for the first time! However, if you already have archery gear or are planning to purchase some for use at SCA activities, please do review the equipment requirements in this manual. SCA requirements are different than modern archery, and the marshals are expected to inspect equipment for safety prior to opening the range for shooting. Per An Tir rules, authorization is NOT required to participate in target archery.

Other Archery Activities

In addition to target archery in Mountain Edge we also do mounted archery, i.e. archery from horseback. This happens at some of our equestrian practices and as part of equestrian activities at Acorn War. Spectators are welcome but, unlike target archery, mounted archery requires authorization for the participants as well as for the supervising marshals (safety officers).