Feast of St. Crispins Council Meeting: Joining the Summits

At the close of our 2017 Feast, we conducted a Council meeting and discussed the possibility of our shire joining the Summits.

A majority of paid members present expressed interest in the Shire joining the Summits. Several representatives from the Summits were present, and there was discussion about the process - it is certain the Shire paid members would need to be formally polled, but there is still the possibility that the Summits paid members would also need to be polled. This is under investigation by our colleagues in the Summits.

While the process is being researched, our guests from the Summits requested that Shire of Mountain Edge members participate in Summits events and make themselves known as being from Mountain Edge (volunteering is one way to do this, entering competitions another). The Shire does have a populace badge - displaying this on equipment or as an additional banner for your campsite would help to make Mountain Edge participation more visible.

The Summits would like to see Mountain Edge being active in their territory. Their question is what would we (the Shire) bring to Summits aside from more land. Some Shire members are already very active at Summits events and practices, but more are needed. We did explain how small we are (22 paid members per Kingdom).

The next Summits event is Martinmas in Toledo, OR.

For more information on the Summits and their events, you can see their various websites:
Upcoming Summits Events (Kingdom Calendar)