August 17th Council Meeting

The next Shire council meeting will be Friday evening August 17th at 6PM at the First Federal Bank community room in downtown Newberg.

All are welcome! Garb is not necessary.

Acorn War planning is in the works! If you are interested in volunteering to help with the event, we would especially encourage you to attend. 

The bank parking lot is accessible from 99W south - turn left after the Coffee Cottage, after 99W has split into south and north segments in downtown Newberg.

Next Shire Council Meeting - February 16th, 2018 in Newberg

The next Shire Council meeting will be Friday February 16th at 6PM at the First Federal Bank community room in Newberg OR. The bank is between 99W south and 99W north in downtown Newberg, with a parking lot (and the entrance to the community room) on the north side. Look for the SCA sign on the door. All are welcome and garb is not necessary. Agenda items include final planning for Defenders Tourney to be held 3/10, further planning for Acorn War, discussion of Shire inventory, and updates from officers.